Ralph Bowen – Due Reverence (2010)

Ralph Bowen - Due Reverence (2010)
Artist: Ralph Bowen
Album: Due Reverence
Label: Posi-Tone Records
Year Of Release: 2010
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. Less Is More (06:37)
2. This One’s for Bob (07:05)
3. Phil-osophy (08:49)
4. Mr. Scott (11:14)
5. Points Encountered (08:31)
6. Due Reverence (bonus Track) (03:42)


Ralph Bowen – tenor saxophone
Adam Rogers – guitar
John Patitucci – bass
Antonio Sanchez – drums
Sean Jones – trumpet on 4

Join together with us and be filled with joyous wonder for Ralph Bowen’s 2010 forceful statement of mastery on his instrument. Enjoy the stunning lyricism as he takes us through another tour de force program of his original compositions, where every song is a musical message of gratitude paying “Due Reverence” to one of Bowen’s mentors. The tenor saxophonist swings and soars on the date with the incredible support of an all-star rhythm section comprised of guitarist Adam Rogers, bassist Jon Patitucci, and drummer Antonio Sanchez. The sonic and harmonic results are simply amazing and special guest Sean Jones even drops in for a song to lend the sounds of his trumpet to the mix. Meanwhile, Bowen leads by example and makes sure the entire session stays cohesive, hard-hitting, and headed ever onward with “Due Reverence” towards the open ears of jazz fans everywhere.

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