Robohands – Giallo (2022)

Robohands - Giallo (2022)
Artist: Robohands
Album: Giallo
Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01 – Giallo (3:06)
02 – Fear (3:12)
03 – Claws (2:51)
04 – Horror (0:32)
05 – Float By Like Clouds (0:43)
06 – For the Different (0:52)
07 – Drum Break (1:46)
08 – Relax (1:04)


Robohands, aka Andy Baxter, joins the Bastard Jazz family with a new EP titled “Giallo.” Partly inspired by Italian Giallo (meaning “yellow”) film soundtracks of the late 70s and 80s, as well as the experimental sounds of pioneering krautrock bands like Tangerine Dream and NEU! Armed with an old Juno 60 synthesizer, Andy wrote, recorded, and mixed all the parts himself, including the live drums, adding in multiple layers of effects.

Spread across 8 tracks, “Giallo” spans atmospheric meditations (“Giallo;” “Claws;” “Relax”) to jazzy improvisational explorations (“Fear”), interwoven with brief solo instrumental tapestries (“Horror;” “Float By Like Clouds;” “For the Different”). There is an elegant cinematic quality to the EP, further refined by Robohands’ production prowess and technical chops. “Giallo” builds on the Robohands sound, taking it in an exciting, more experimental direction.

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