Saxlab Saxophone Quartet – Live at Groove Factory (2022)

Saxlab Saxophone Quartet - Live at Groove Factory (2022)
Artist: Saxlab Saxophone Quartet
Album: Live at Groove Factory
Label: Fonofabrique
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. Lithium (03:12)
2. Nature Boy (04:55)
3. Every Breath You Take (03:42)
4. Les Is Mo (03:20)
5. Reflection (05:14)
6. Feel (03:52)
7. Viva La Vida (03:18)
8. Glory Box (03:18)
9. Stella By Starlight (02:38)


Periluigi Nanni: soprano & alto sax
Marcello Malpensa: alto sax
Filippo Mantione: tenor sax
Andrea Zucchi: baritone sax

Since 2011, the SaxLab shows that everything, from Ellington to Nirvana, can be played by a sax quartet. Since then, the band has proposed their original arrangements in clubs and festivals, later finding their best dimension as street performers. The quartet participated in five editions of Ferrara Buskers Festival, and published two albums: Live at GrooveFactory (2014), Radio Sax (2019).

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