Antonio Sanchez – Channels of Energy (2018)

Antonio Sanchez - Channels of Energy (2018)
Artist: Antonio Sanchez
Album: Channels of Energy
Label: Cam Jazz
Year Of Release: 2018
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. Minotauro(8:39)
2. Nooks And Crannies(9:14)
3. Nighttime Story (8:00)
4. The Real McDaddy (10:21)
5. New Life (10:57)
6. Grids And Patterns (10:00)
7. Imaginary Lines (9:31)
8. Channels Of Energy (14:15)


A project that bears the essence of a dream come true for CAM JAZZ took shape during a prodigious one-week recording session in Cologne in December 2016. Two stars of international jazz, an amazing orchestra, a truly fresh repertoire and outstanding arrangements developed for a unique event to take place: the meeting of Antonio Sanchez on drums, Vince Mendoza as conductor and arranger and the WDR Big Band. Two invaluable CDs packed with everything you may dream (take care: not everything you “may expect”, but you may dream) when you are about to listen to such a stellar Big Band that is conducted by a genius like Mendoza and plays music by an undisputed giant like Sanchez. Here you can find an extensive, versatile wind section, flawless rhythmics that gives a crucial thrust to creativity, and refined, flowing tracks with an exquisite balance of poignancy and formal exactness. Listening to Channels Of Energy is a unique opportunity to plunge into the most genuine, fully-fledged and exciting jazz: eight tracks that range freely through different sonic worlds in an alternation of fine solos, engaging interactions among the orchestra sections, highly inspiring backgrounds and sophisticated dynamics. Antonio Sanchez plays his drums like an orchestra. Vince Mendoza masters his orchestra as if it were a single instrument. The WDR Big Band orchestra interacts with the drums and conductor as if they were a single musician, passing through the excellent arrangements with elegant confidence. Antonio Sanchez, Vince Mendoza and the WDR Big Band form a trio. Channels of Energy is played by a trio, a trio to the nth degree, a recording of impressive, exquisite beauty that leaves listeners breathless.

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