JakTar – JakTar (2022)

JakTar - JakTar (2022)
Artist: JakTar
Album: JakTar
Label: Discus Music
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. Mitch Bryan (3:19)
2. Greenfaces (1:24)
3. Hans Kru (2:24)
4. Forn Valour (2:46)
5. Commoner (1:56)
6. Ron on Tap (7:49)
7. Mongo Grave (2:49)
8. Knotskar (5:40)
9. Pip Sucin (4:18)
10. Carn Delk (4:43)


Paul Hession: drums, cymbals and gongs
Michael Bardon: double bass
Christophe de Bézenac: tenor saxophone

A new trio from three master improvisers in the great sax / bass / drums tradition. This suite of compact pieces sees the players move between pure jazz skill and areas where extended techniques on all three instruments take the music into more textural and abstract areas.

Paul Hession has played percussion with a wide range of improvising musicians from around the world including Derek Bailey, Peter Brotzmann and Marshall Allen. Bassist Michael Bardon featured in the Nat Birchall Quartet and Shatner’s Bassoon before making a solo album ‘The Gift Of Silence’ for Discus Music in 2021. Saxophonist Christophe de Bézenac is a founding member of the Leeds Improvised Music Association and was part of Trio VD.

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