Kayo – Manhattan Sunset (2014)

Kayo - Manhattan Sunset (2014)
Artist: Kayo
Album: Manhattan Sunset
Label: Edwards Records
Year Of Release: 2014
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. 59th Street Station B Line (feat. Patrick O’Leary, Eric Halvorson & Nick Hempton)
02. Tarte Aux Fraises (feat. Patrick O’Leary & Eric Halvorson)
03. June in Paris (feat. Patrick O’Leary, Eric Halvorson & Giuseppe Milici)
04. Runaway Thought (feat. Patrick O’Leary, Eric Halvorson & Nick Hempton)
05. Komorebi (feat. Russell Malone, Patrick O’Leary & Eric Halvorson)
06. Kojyo No Tsuki (feat. Patrick O’Leary & Eric Halvorson)
07. Gorilla in Safari Motel (feat. Patrick O’Leary & Eric Halvorson)
08. Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers (feat. Patrick O’Leary & Eric Halvorson)
09. Manhattan Sunset (feat. Patrick O’Leary & Eric Halvorson)
10. Midday Sun Shower (feat. Patrick O’Leary, Eric Halvorson & Nick Hempton)
11. Cafe Gitane (feat. Patrick O’Leary, Eric Halvorson & Giuseppe Milici)
12. My Melancholy Baby (feat. Patrick O’Leary)


Manhattan Sunset, the sixth studio album from pianist Kayo Hiraki, highlights a seasoned player drawing upon her various influences and varied interests within jazz. From the opener, 59th Street Station B Line, an angular her composition reminiscent of Monk’s medium-tempo bop, to Midday Sun Shower, with its funky &sweet, contemporary jazz stylings, the album ferries listeners through a pleasantly diverse array of genres within the jazz idiom. Tarte Aux Fraises and Runaway Thought (sound track from the film ‘Birth Day’), both jazz waltzes, feature strong trio work, as bassist Patrick O’Leary and drummer Eric Halvorson lend stimulating support to Kayo’s piano solos as they build steam. The latter song also highlights saxophonist Nick Hempton, who plays elegantly throughout the record. Manhattan Sunset features additional guests appearances from world-renowned guitarist Russell Malone, lending his striking talents to the hypnotic Komorebi (Sun-beams streaming through the leaves of trees), and Italian harmonica player Giuseppe Milici, who deftly handles the melancholy ballad, June in Paris and image of sidewalk cafe in Paris, Cafe Gitane. The album is mostly comprised of originals, but two standards (Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers and My Melancholy Baby) along with a traditional Japanese folk song, Kojyo no Tsuki, are standouts as well.

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