MATTERS UNKNOWN – We Aren’t Just (2022)

MATTERS UNKNOWN - We Aren't Just (2022)
Album: We Aren’t Just
Label: New Soil
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. A Beginning (05:18)
02. Hewester (06:04)
03. Ardu (06:39)
04. Native (03:17)
05. WORLD (01:57)
06. A Divinity (07:14)
07. Bump (04:10)
08. Other Side (05:01)
09. Orange Triangle (04:24)
10. Apollo (03:05)
11. BlindSpot (05:51)
12. Shoulders Bob (05:02)
13. Presence (05:35)
14. Come As You Are (02:41)


Jonathan Enser – MD, trumpet, tuba, synths, piano, percussion, producer
Matt Davies – Drums, Cymbals
Alec Hewes – Upright Bass, Electric Bass
Lyle Barton – Piano, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Synths
Rosie Turton – Trombone
Viva Msimang – Trombone
Olivia Bhattacharjee – Vocals
Matt Holborn – Strings
Jansen Santana – Percussion
Lewis Moody – Synth
Nick Richards – Vocals, Alto Sax
Tom Excell – Percussion
Joe Murgatroyd – Bass Clarinet
Nadeem Din-Gabisi – Vocals
Mohamed Gueye – Sabar

MATTERS UNKNOWN is the debut project from Jonny Enser(Nubiyan Twist), multi-instrumentalist and composer. He has put together an ensemble that features some of the most powerful forces exploring music in the UK. Each member with different languages for conversing with his compositions, drawing musicians from Nerija, COLECTIVA, Emma Jean Thackray, Noya Rao and beyond.

In kaleidoscopic visions, forces collide, expand and contract, the music finds a balanced path through. The writing is steeped in deeply spiritual, organic soulful roots, with undercurrents carrying grooves from the Blues to West Coast Beats all evoked through African diasporic influence. On some tracks only tied together with Enser’s innovative production stylings. It’s a rare thing to hear such diverse sounds and influences creating such compelling synergy – making music that is ready for anything.

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