Michael Dease – Best Next Thing (2022)

Michael Dease - Best Next Thing (2022)
Artist: Michael Dease
Album: Best Next Thing
Label: Posi-Tone Records
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. Rainbow People (6:56)
2. Parker’s Brood (4:42)
3. Tiktaalik (4:48)
4. Doxy (4:07)
5. Charly Jaye (6:10)
6. Glory (5:40)
7. One for Dease (4:53)
8. With Love (7:19)
9. Horse Trading (5:44)
10. Lullaby for Rita (6:00)


Michael Dease (tb)
Alex Sipiagin (tp)
Rudresh Mahanthappa (as)
Renee Rosnes (p)
Boris Kozlov (b)
Rudy Royston (ds)

Michael Dease keeps the music moving forward toward the “Best Next Thing” on his ninth album for Posi-Tone. With clear purpose, Trombonist Michael Dease gathers together an assemblage of exceptional musicians to help him interactively explore the essence of the blues and reframe the abstract truths of jazz as the “Best Next Thing” for today’s audience of listeners. Providing support in bringing this vision to fruition, the session features an all-star lineup of musicians including trumpeter Alex Sipiagin, alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa, pianist Renee Rosnes, bassist Boris Kozlov, and powerhouse drummer Rudy Royston. As a band leader, Dease makes sure the entire session stays insightfully straight forward and refreshingly melodic throughout while he conducts his topnotch crew through a series of his new compositions and some inventive arrangements of selections crafted by Dease’s musical mentors. With this latest release, Michael Dease not only confirms his status as a virtuoso soloist and one of the biggest stars in jazz today, but also demonstrates that he is clearly an artist for jazz fans to rely upon to bring them the “Next Best Thing” in jazz for years to come.

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