Steve Coleman – Genesis & The Opening of the Way (1997)

Steve Coleman - Genesis & The Opening of the Way (1997)
Artist: Steve Coleman
Album: Genesis & The Opening of the Way
Label: BMG France/RCA-Victor
Year Of Release: 1997
Format: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
CD 1 – Steve Coleman & The Council of Balance – Genesis:
01. Day One (9:04)
02. Day Two (10:17)
03. Day Three (5:36)
04. Day Four (8:34)
05. Day Five (7:13)
06. Day Six (9:59)
07. Day Seven (13:48)
08. Awareness (3:52)

CD 2 – Steve Coleman & Five Elements – The Opening of the Way:
01. Law of Balance (06:50)
02. Pi (06:49)
03. First Cause (04:32)
04. Wheel of Nature (06:13)
05. Rite of Passage (07:05)
06. Regeneration (11:43)
07. Organic Movement (02:56)
08. The Law (07:21)
09. Fortitude and Chaos (04:47)
10. Seti I (05:15)
11. Polar Shift (07:24)
12. Third Dynasty (04:38)


Genesis & the Opening of the Way is an ambitious effort from Steve Coleman, a double-disc concept album that was recorded by two separate bands: the Council of Balance and Five Elements. The Council of Balance was the large group, featuring a full horn section, guitar, bass, cello, violin, vello, aiola and percussion; the Five Elements is a small group featuring alto saxophonist Steve Coleman, pianist Andy Milne, electric bassist David Dyson, guitarist David Gilmore, acoustic bassist Reggie Washington, percussionist Miguel “Anga” Diaz Zayas and drummer Sean Rickman. Both albums are distinctive, but share certain elements — namely adventurous, unpredictable compositions that fuse worldbeat, new age, funk, fusion and post-bop in new, creative ways. It’s a little hard to get through both albums in one sitting, but moments of each disc rank among Coleman’s most inspired work.

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