Kerri Powers – Love Is Why (2023)

Kerri Powers - Love Is Why (2023)
Artist: Kerri Powers
Album: Love Is Why
Genre: Blues, Americana
Label: Must Have Music
Year Of Release: 2023
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Rosie Blue (00:04:28)
Love is Why (00:04:18)
Morning Glory, Midnight Blue (00:03:40)
When It Rains (00:04:09)
Wine & Spirits (00:04:40)
Rummage Through My Love (00:03:08)
Please Call Home (00:03:31)
Presence of the Faithful (00:03:52)
Rusted Bell (00:03:13)
Someone Else’s Prayer (00:04:25)
Are We Free (00:03:56)


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