The Ozdemirs – Introducing The Ozdemirs (2023)

The Ozdemirs - Introducing The Ozdemirs (2023)
Artist: The Ozdemirs
Album: Introducing The Ozdemirs
Genre: Electric Blues
Year Of Release: 2023
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. Teach Me (2:56)
2. Tired Of My Tears (2:32)
3. That’s How It Is (3:09)
4. Simply Beautiful (5:55)
5. Tell Me What’s On Your Mind (2:26)
6. Burnt Toast & Black Coffee (2:41)
7. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (3:46)
8. Midnight Blues (3:58)
9. Heap See (Feat. Trudy Lynn) (3:42)
10. Tell Me What’s On Your Mind (Instrumental) (2:29


These are bassist Erkan Özdemir, veteran of the European blues scene, and his sons Kenan Özdemir (born 1994) on guitar and vocals and Levent Özdemir (born 1995) on drums.

For more than 20 years, Erkan Özdemir has been touring Europe with the Bluescasters around Memo Gonzalez and various other formations and has played in almost every club and festival. As a result, the young Özdemirs came into contact with blues music very early on and quickly became enthusiastic about it.

About the more traditional blues styles of the 50’s and 60’s such as The two young Özdemirs also found access to other styles of American roots music, such as that of Freddie King, BB King and Albert Collins. Al Green, James Brown, The Meters, Bootsy Collins are just a few names. Soul, Funk… Their enthusiasm grew day by day and their playing skills got better and better and so it was decided to found a band together with father Erkan Özdemir: The Özdemirs!

This cross-generational cast combines influences from over 60 years of music history. The youthful exuberance and energy of the two young Özdemirs combined with the routine and serenity of their father guarantees an entertaining concert experience.

In addition to concerts all over Europe under their own name, the Özdemirs have also gained a good reputation as a backing band for some well-known US musicians in recent years. With Johnny Rawls, Kirk Fletcher, Shawn Pittman, Memo Gonzalez, Sugaray Rayford, Mike Morgan, Holland K Smith, Trudy Lynn, Angela Brown, they have the stages of clubs and festivals all over Europe from Norway to Denmark, France, Belgium, Switzerland rocked to Spain!

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