Chuck Deardorf – Transparence (2011)

Chuck Deardorf - Transparence (2011)
Artist: Chuck Deardorf
Album: Transparence
Label: Origin Records
Year Of Release: 2011
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. Collage (05:43)
2. Alone Together (07:20)
3. Dear Prudence (07:55)
4. Bruzette (06:24)
5. Moon and Sand (05:56)
6. De Mansinho (06:17)
7. Sweet Lorraine (03:45)
8. Zingaro (07:45)
9. Creatinine (06:18)
10. The Peacocks (09:22)


Chuck Deardorf – acoustic bass, fretted & fretless basses
Bill Mays – piano
Bruce Forman – electric / acoustic guitar
Jovino Santos-Neto – rhodes piano
Dave Peterson – guitar
Rick Peckham – guitar
Hans Teuber – alto & tenor saxophone
Richard Cole – tenor saxophone
Mark Ivester – drums
Gary Hobbs – drums, cajon drum set
Michael Spiro – conga, percussion
Jeff Busch – percussion
Terry Lauber – acoustic guitar
John Burrow – digital collage

Veteran acoustic & electric bassist Chuck Deardorf brings together a broad collection of musical friends to create an album full of spontaneous interaction, gritty grooves and melodic beauty. Along with pianists Bill Mays & Jovino Santos Neto, guitarists Bruce Forman, Dave Peterson & Rick Peckham, as well as a host of other world-class players, Deardorf explores fresh originals, reconstructed standards and even a new take on the Beatles’ “Dear Prudence,” displaying the creative vision that has made him a favorite musical partner to the countless jazz legends he’s accompanied over the years.

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