HackOut! – Sad Music for Happy Elevators (Live at Al Vapore) (2023)

HackOut! - Sad Music for Happy Elevators (Live at Al Vapore) (2023)
Artist: HackOut!
Album: Sad Music for Happy Elevators (Live at Al Vapore)
Genre: Jazz
Label: Caligola Records
Year Of Release: 2023
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Désolé (07:14)
02. But It Is Not this Day (04:10)
03. Les Frigos (06:47)
04. Ballade de la Madame Strabique (04:31)
05. When You Finally Arrive (13:57)
06. Langsamer (04:40)
07. Chronos (06:29)


Manuel Caliumi (alto sax)
Luca Zennaro (electric guitar)
Riccardo Cocetti (drums)

The music of Hackout! – a bass less trio that was established in 2019 within the walls of Rovigo Conservatory of Music – was born during a sweltering summer in the Emilian Apennines, developed among the canals of the Chioggia lagoon, became an adult and a little tipsy in the thousand Parisian lights. The focal point of the project is the search for its own sound identity following a path of timbre experimentation where interplay plays a fundamental role. The repertoire consists exclusively of unpublished tunes composed “ad hoc” with the aim of emphasizing their musical personalities by seeking the balance between harmonic structures and radical improvisation, acoustic and electric tone. It fed on early jazz and rock’n’roll, drew strength from radical improvisation and quenched in contemporary music. It’s a Frankenstein of influences and contamination, a gentle yet cantankerous monster, a sweet clash between the three musicians’ personalities. The three jazzmen, although still young, are already leading figures of today’s Italian jazz. Guitarist Luca Zennaro was born and raised in Chioggia (Venezia), while both Manuel Caliumi and Riccardo Cocetti come from the Modena area. Two years after his first album, «Cedrus Libani», released in 2021 by English label Slam, HackOut! decided to record their new project live – a solution able to give even more strength to their powerful and visceral music – in a famous club in the Venetian area, both behind closed doors and with the public. This is how «Sad Music for Happy Elevators» was born, an album that should consecrate the trio as one of the best Italian jazz realities.

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